Entry Guidelines

Welcome to the Cultivation Classic 2019 entry process. We are grateful for your participation in this competition, and value the time you will put in to enter. We know your time is valuable and have worked very hard to make this as simple as possible for competing producers.



January 7 Delivery Period OPEN
February 1 Last Day for Product Delivery
February 1 Payment Deadline
February 1 Competition Submission Period CLOSED
February Smart Squad Team Evaluation & Full Lab Testing
March Judge Team Evaluation
May 17 - 18 Cultivation Classic Event and Awards Ceremony, Portland, OR


Please contact the Program Director, Steph Barnhart (steph@cultivationclassic.cc) with questions about the competition and event, or with sponsorship inquiries.

IMPORTANT: Please stay on this page and do not close this window until you have submitted your application after Step 5.
Your information will not save if you navigate away

Step 1: Producer Information

The person listed here will be the primary communications contact for all important Cultivation Classic business. Please do not list your head grower or owner unless they themselves will be the person checking emails about this competition.
This is the primary mode of communication for official competition information from Cultivation Classic. Please ensure this is a working, well-checked email.
Please list between 1 and 5 retail locations where a consumer can typically find your product for sale. (List dispensaries by name.) This information will be shared with event guests. If you would rather not highlight any of your dispensary partners, list N/A.

Step 2: Entries

*If CC's lab results suggest your phytochemistry is different than the category you have self-selected, we will automatically reassign this entry to its proper category based on Cascadia Labs’ potency results.

Grow Variables (optional)

If you would like to enter a sample from a batch that has not yet passed compliance requirements, please email lab@cultivationclassic.cc to discuss your options.

Step 3: Delivery

[need logo for dub wholesale]

Please consult the Entry Guidelines for important information about when, where and how to delivery your submissions to The Dub Wholesale

Your entries must be labeled, packaged, tracked, packaged, and weighed properly. They must be labeled with the official CC jar label found in the Entry Guidelines.

To confirm or change delivery time, please contact Leiann Stephenson at 503-939-3993 or leiann@cwinc.com to confirm. If you need to change your delivery time for any reason, you must issue 24 hours notice.


You are almost finished with your entry form! The Resource Innovation Institute PowerScore tool is one of the last parts. We encourage all competing producers to complete the tool, because 2 possible bonus points are applied to your overall score for all entries.

Please consult the Entry Guidelines RII section for additional information, or begin your PowerScore at: powerscore.resourceinnovation.org/cultivation-classic

Step 5: Payment

The application fee is $250 per entry. Pay digitally here or pay with cash or check upon delivery.

If you cannot pay digitally (preferred method) and prefer to pay in cash, you may pay at the time of product drop off. Checks must be made out to Willamette Week.

Deadline for payment is February 1, 2019 at 5 p.m.